TreeHouse Story

This module will introduce you to the mission, vision, values and history of TreeHouse.

TreeHouse Programs and Goals

This module will help you engage with the TreeHouse programs and approach to ministry.

Grace-Based Ministry

This module will help you to develop a deep, personal understanding of God's grace and how it applies to a ministry setting.


Boundaries and Burnout

This module will ensure that you know your appropriate role as a mentor and can avoid burnout, staying passionate about ministry for the long haul.

Creating Safety

In this module, we address how to create safe environments and provide a consistent approach to discipline.

Teen Recruiting

This module will give you guidance and encouragement as you seek to recruit teens for your TreeHouse program.

Managing Risks While Transforming Lives

This module will help you understand and follow TreeHouse's guidelines related to abuse prevention.


Support Group Facilitation

This module will equip you to facilitate effective support groups and create safe, respectful support group environments.

Support Group Theory and Practice

This module will help refine your skills as a facilitator, leading to more deep and effective support groups.

Going Deeper and Lesson Prep

This module will help you prepare for and execute your Going Deeper program with excellence. We cover topics such as planning a teaching schedule, leading games, preparing lessons, asking quality questions and storytelling.


Mentoring and Growth Groups

This module will help increase the effectiveness of your mentoring as you engage underlying beliefs in a trusting mentoring relationship.

Transformative Relationships

This module will equip you to build healthy relationships and intentionally, as you lead teens toward life transformation.

Gospel and Growth

This module will equip you to introduce TreeHouse teens to the love of a savior and to encourage growth in their relationship with Christ.


Eating Disorders and Cutting: Live Training

In this live training, Lee Wolfe Blum draws on her personal story and professional experience as she addresses the root causes of eating disorders and other addictive behaviors.

Autism: Live Training

In this live training, autism expert Jane Mix shares strategies for working with the people on the autism spectrum.

I love Jesus and Naps

In this live training, youth pastor, speaker, and author Heather Flies shares a message of encouragement and self-care, guiding staff to be vessels of God's love to teens.


Trips and Activities

This module will help you prepare for and execute TreeHouse trips and activities with excellence, creating opportunities for life transformation in teens.

TH-Next Coach Training

This module will help TH-Next Coaches understand their role and be prepared to help their students succeed.

Developing Student Leadership Teams

This module will equip you to design a student leadership experience that will benefit your TreeHouse culture while building life-long skills into teens.

Surviving the Suburbs: Growing Up Black in a Majority White Community

This module highlights the “black teen experience” in majority white communities. Our hope is that it leads to self-examination and growth as well as, energizes you to be an ally for marginalized teens.